This inspires me so much!! She’s taking on courses to do what she loves, while she continues to still do youtube on the side. You motivate me so much to do the same, not matter the stress and hardship.


July 15th, 2016

What they say is true: you never stop learning.


It’s been almost exactly 5 years since I have graduated in what translates to English as “Tourism Expert”. I remember thinking that studying tourism, economy and languages would not be very helpful for the life I had planned for myself, but it turns out that travelling is one of the things I truly love doing, and speaking four languages is pretty useful. And economy, well, I hated it… but it helps now, since I do run my own company.

So after all, that choice was pretty spot on for me. But, there is a but: as I have previously expressed, and many people can easily tell, I am more interested in the art field, and I never really gave that a proper chance. Sure, I paint, I snap photos, I edit videos and I make my clothes…

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February 1st, 2016

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate the fact that a new month has begun. I always get way too excited about it.

It happens to be a Monday, which means it’s time to get back outside.
Usually that’s the day Felix and I go grocery shopping, but our car broke down so we weren’t too sure what to do: instead, we decided to walk to a local shop and get some food from there, the only challenge being that we would’t be able to carry much with us, so we planned to simply pick up stuff that were extremely necessary for the time being.
By doing that, I was kind of forced to select a very small amount of items, but at the same time it made me realise which kind of food I prioritise, and that was somewhat interesting to me.


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